Friday Night Funkin

Are you ready for a party? Welcome to Friday Night Funkin then! This is one of the best rhythmic games of the century and all music fans will definitely like it! The game combines numerous cool features, including bright characters, stylish animation, engaging levels, DDR-like gameplay, and even a background story that will keep you amused and engaged during the entire playing process! Playing Friday Night Funkin is easy, but you won’t be able to place your device aside – it is super-addictive and interesting! The time has come to start funkin, so let’s discuss what is waiting for you in this amazing entertainment of music and stunning moves.

The game plot is pretty humorous. You play for a young boy – a rapper and a cool guy. He is wearing hip-hop style clothes, has blue hair, and a self-confident spark in his eyes. This teenager has a beautiful girlfriend. She is absolutely adorable, feminine to the core, and supportive. She is wearing a red dress, red shoes on high heels, and has soft long hair – brown with a red shade. You have been together for a while, both of you are music fans, so one night she invites you for a small party for two at her place. That young lady has incredibly huge speakers in her room! Once you come to her place, something happens all of a sudden. You were pretty sure that this evening would be yours, but the company extends beyond your desire – her dad comes back! And when he enters her room, he sees you! This is a classical scene of a jealous dad, but you won’t have to apologize, act like a fool, or even fight him. Instead, the old man offers a duel – a music duel! Surprised and excited, you accept the challenges and the battle starts.
The idea of the game is to match the right notes and rhythms, pressing the right buttons that mark particular arrows flying on the screen. You have ever played any Asian dancing games, you will find yourself familiar with this engaging format. The dad will drop the lines and your task is to repeat them even make things cooler! Not only you will play against the dad of the girl, but there will be more rivals to deal with. For example, at some moment, your lady will be almost captured by a creepy demon and your task is to rap-battle this monster and get her back. All the conflicts in this game can be solved with your musical talent. So dance and sing like a god! Have fun, don’t miss the arrows, learn to make incredible combos, and win this battle for your love!

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