Friday Night Funkin Evil Boyfriend

Looking for a new experience in Friday Night Funkin? And have you seen the Evil version of the game? Well, you need to try it out. As a real fan of the game, you will definitely like it. This version looks a bit like a horror, because all the characters here look different than you remember. Their silhouettes are the same, but they are dark and have creepy evil expressions on their faces. They look like real demons and we bet that you will be really spooked of them! However, this brings a brand atmosphere to the game and we are pretty sure that you will like this format. Ready to scare yourself a bit? And how about combining that with dancing and rapping?
The Boyfriend is the main character of this game, as well as the rest from the series. Now he looks a bit like demon, but it is still he. Girlfriend is demonic as well – she sits on the huge speakers in the darkness and moves her head like a broken doll. In addition to visual changes, the characters move in a different way, as well – their hands and legs move less smoothly than before. They are somehow choppy, like in the horror films. Welcome to the darkest musical game ever and have fun this nightmarish, but still very exciting Friday Night! Grove with the beasts like never before!

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