Friday Night Funkin Whitty Mod

When you thought that you have already overcame all the difficulties and Girlfriend is now yours forever, something happened. You are the one who battled her Dad in the rap fight, you won, but this was not the end. It is true that your Girlfriend is pretty and other guys like her as much as you do. They want to date her, as well, but you just cannot allow that to happen! Your new rival is pretty strong. He is a cool rapper Whitmore or Whitty. The bomb-head guy willing to challenge you for another match. Are you ready to beat an opponent like that? Do your best – this won’t be easy.
So you and your Girlfriend were walking around together – a nice habitual date for two of you. However, there is no way you can stay together without interruptions. You see something glowing around the corner. What is that? Well, this is your new rival Whitty and he is here to fight. Grab your microphone, get ready for a fight, and get him out of here if you can! Whitty is pretty cool – he has a recorded song and this one is a nice track. During your battle, you will try to overcome him in this battle, following the rhythms of that melody. Try to repeat what Whitty does and do your best to follow his lines properly. Can you better than he? Well, try the game and you will see! The game starts and you all gather at the playground! Choose your favorite melodies and compete with digital rappers from all over the world. One of you will become a winner in this battle, but all of you will definitely have a great time. Meet up with the music fans and have together! The best way to spend your Friday Night definitely is Funkin!

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