Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod

We’ve already seen plenty of Friday Night Funkin mods. Each of them introduced some new characters that were interesting to watch and also amazing music that was a delight to listen to. Some mods even included full-fledged stories that were also thrilling to follow. Many times our heroes risked their lives, but they managed to escape danger and everything ended up well. But Boyfriend and Girlfriend aren’t going to stop on their rap voyage and now you are welcome to check out a new version of FNF called Coryxkenshin Mod!

Avid gamers will probably recognize the nickname of a famous YouTube streamer. This guy has a pretty large audience, and some of Friday Night Funkin fans were obviously inspired by his figure. Because they created a mod named after him, and you can also meet him there as one of the characters. Crossovers with other games and inclusions of recognizable personas have always made FNF mods more fascinating, and this one is no exception. But, just like before, you’ll have to show that you have a true talent for music by grooving along with the rhythm of songs that will ranger from very easy to really tricky.

At the beginning of each round, you’ll see a sequence of arrows on top of the screen. They will be changing from time to time – it’s a clue hinting what buttons should be pushed now. You just have to keep your fingers ready and do it as you hear another note, not a second earlier and not a second later. If you strike most of the notes correctly, you will see your score grow. The more points you earn the higher your chances to win in the battle. Get ready for new outrageous tunes that will sound from your speakers as you immerse yourself in the awesome gameplay of FNF Coryxkenshin Mod! This is going to be a great new experience!

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