Friday Night Funkin 2

The continuation of the best music game ever, Friday Night Funkin, is already here! Are you ready to become a real hip-hop hero and reach some impressive music achievements? Then we welcome you to the game. The main prize for your efforts is love of the prettiest girl in the world, her kisses, hugs, and admiration. We bet that you can do a lot for such a happiness! What is more, the process of reaching this amazing aim is also interesting and thrilling. So, welcome to Friday Night Funkin 2! Grab your mic, prepare for a rhythmic battle, and show your best skills ever!

Yes, boys can do everything to prove their love to girls they find amazing. And the main character is just that type. He wants to impress not only his beloved girl, but also her father and prove that he is the best candidate for her. You need to help this blue-haired guy show himself from the best side – as a talented and creative young man. Her father is a former musician, so he values your music skills a lot and this is the best way to impress him. Will you manage to beat the old man in a music fight? Be careful – he is cool enough to make you raise your brows! The battle starts, so rap your best, friend. The gameplay is pretty simple and if you have no idea how to master it, you can always enter a training room and your beloved lady will help you learn some cool moves. Rely on her!
When the battle starts, you have to follow the music and press the right buttons when the particular arrows reach the right points. Try to catch them all and don’t do mistakes – this will increase your chances to win. Keep the pace and the rhythm will help you. You don’t have to fight with the music – lose yourself to it, trust it, and start moving along. All of your skills and rapping talents will help you conquer the heart of your beloved girl and convince her father that she made the right choice! The second part is available for mobile devices, which means that you can play it wherever you are. Listen to the music, feel the rhythm, and become a real rap knight to get your girl’s love and melt her dad’s heart! Enjoy numerous playing regimes and new tracks to master!

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