FNF Character Test Playground Remake 4

If you can’t live a day without listening to your favorite music and if you’re a big music fan in general, FNF is definitely a game you can’t miss. And now you can do much more with it after the release of Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground! This mod allows you to try yourself in the role of different heroes that have appeared on FNF stage many times before. These are going to be not just Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but also her parents (that, as you know, are demons and better not to mess with) and a slew of opponents from the previous versions of the game.


You will have a chance to see how they perform to various tracks that you can choose from the list available in the game or upload from your own library. Now you’re free to be your own DJ and it will be twice as exciting! Tapping or clicking on the character, you will hear them produce their iconic sounds and see them doing their signature moves. This time, there will be no competition, just free play. You don’t have to race for points anymore, you can just give in to music and enjoy your own performance.

Another great feature that will make your experience even more versatile is the ability to choose any background from those that could be seen in earlier versions and also some of the new ones. The action can unfold on the familiar stage of the club, in a huge concert hall, even right in the street. Or maybe in the middle of the woods, at the bottom of the ocean or on a strange planet altogether. Everyone would probably agree that some of these backgrounds will go along just well with some of the game’s hottest tracks!

Moreover, you can customize the characters by changing their colors and sometimes adding new elements to their style. So you’ll be acting not only as a performer, but also partly as their concert manager and stylist. You’ll be in full control of the upcoming gig, and it’s up to you whether you’ll shine on stage hitting every note just in time. However, in this game you won’t lose if you make a lot of mistakes. You can just start over and try better. And when you’re tired playing as one character, you can always switch to another. There are enough of them here to keep you entertained for long hours! There is nothing else to say, you just have to start exploring Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake 4 online right now and see everything with your own eyes – or rather hear everything with your own ears!

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