Friday Night Funk

Play for a young talented rapper (Boyfriend is his name) willing to conquer the heart of a pretty girl (Girlfriend). However, before you reach her heart, there is a need to stand against her father (Dad is his name, are you surprised?). The game starts when you visit Girlfriend. She is good at music and dancing, so you planned a small party this Friday night. However, something went a bit wrong! When she turned on her huge speakers and your favorite funk started playing, someone opened the door. This was her Dad! He is back home all of a sudden and there is something you both should do about that. Namely – you! Get ready to rap like a god and dance like a star.

Here is the story. When Girlfriend’s parents left the house, she invited you to visit her. You were happy to hear that! You came to her place and everything went fine until one moment – her Dad now knows you in person and he would like to be assured that you are the best prince for his small princess. However, he is not a boring dad that would ask you numerous questions about your life, college marks, parents’ professions, and plans for the future. He is another type – a creative one! The Dad is a former musician and he wants his daughter’s friend to be as talented as he is. Why not? So he invites you for a rap battle! We bet that you have never expected a twist like that. Now you will rap after him, trying to do that even better than he does. You have all the chances – he is rather a former rocker, but you are a current rapper, which means that he is on your playing field in some meaning. Do your best to prove that you really are the best one and he will definitely have nothing to oppose – his pretty daughter will become yours!
Fight for your love and show your best talents. The game will play melodies and show you the flying arrows that coincide with your keyboard’s ones. You will have to press the right buttons at the right moments to hit those arrows when they reach the right points. Do your best to catch all the arrows following the song of the Dad and you will definitely win! Watch the bar at the bottom of the screen to see who is a better rapper of you. Good luck and happy funkin to you this Friday night!

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