Friday Night Funkin Update

A true masterpiece of the music gaming world, Friday Night Funkin, is an extremely popular entertainment among all the players who really like rhythmic games. This is a hip hop title created in a cute visual style that will remind you of a mixture: manga and American cartoons or comics seem to meet in characters’ appearances. The game is a nice arcade adventure where you will find a number of levels. All of them share the same gameplay principle – you are a young rapper, who wants to impress and sometimes – save his pretty Girlfriend. She is always by your side, sitting near on the huge speakers and waving her head along the music you create.
The game includes a number of levels that are accompanied with different songs. The songs are unique and they were created specifically for this game. By the way, they became so popular that you can even find them and listen online! So we bet that you will like the game a lot, namely because of the music. The levels are pretty challenging, but if you have played rhythmic games before, we bet that you will grasp the principles pretty fast. The game is similar to most popular music games with flying arrows – you need to press the right arrows when they reach the point. The melody will guide you, so trust your musical intuition and feeling. Do your best to track the flying arrows, see when they are at the right spot, and hurry up to press the right button. You cannot make a mistake – this will give your opponent a chance to win the battle! Overcome them all!

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