Friday Night Funkin Mods

We know that you love Friday Night Funkin, don’t you? Well, if so, then you must be absolutely delighted to know that we have a pack of nice mods for you. Here you will find amazing add-ons for the original game and they will definitely make your playing experience much brighter. Among them you will find new locations, cool features, additional opportunities, and impressive turns you have never seen before. When you are waiting for a brand new game to finally appear, you have all chances to continue enjoying yours with mods! This is better than passing it from the beginning, because tons of new content are waiting for you.

Among our mods, you will find those that save the skeleton of the game – the main principles as well as gameplay are all the same. But we have some skins that will change it from the ground up. For example, the same love story where a blue-haired rapper is fighting for his love can be played in different roles. The characters can be changed to heroes from another game, even Legend of Zelda! Numerous skins will make your playing experience super-diverse. Have fun! Also, you can meet the well-known characters of the game in the form of anthropomorphic animals – cute foxes, dogs, and wolves. The skins are numerous! How about a rap battle between Spooky Cups? The Cup Bros are able to amaze you with their talents! And there are more – for example, you can change the location and relocate your game to another place. Although, you will still have to match the moving arrows and listen to the melodies, following the right rhythm. This means that everything you love in the game that much, will stay the same as you know it.
All the mods for Friday Night are at your disposal and they are free to use. You are welcome to add them to your game whenever you feel so. They are available online for both of your devices – mobile and stationary. The latest version of the game is available for tablets and phones, so you are welcome to enjoy whenever you are – just make sure that your device is charged well and you have a stable Internet connection. Enjoy the mods, make your Friday Night Funkin truly amazing, and win all the rap battles in all existing worlds!

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