FNF Squid Game

A new story awaits you in Friday Night Funkin. And wait before you carelessly plunge into a new musical duel. This time, your opponent is not some cartoon character, but the heroes of the famous Squid Game. It sounds a little uncomfortable, right? That’s just it! Our fearless Boyfriend will have to fight against strict soldiers from this crazy plot. You must remember the main idea of Squid Game – the only wrong moment can become the last moment of your life. But the Boyfriend cannot refuse, you know well he is ready for everything to win the heart of his beloved Girlfriend. Will he have enough courage to confront these dangerous and armed enemies, having only a microphone in his hand. It is clear enough that the forces are not equal. But do not forget you can support Boyfriend and help him go through this challenge successfully.
The Squid mod brings new songs to the game, as well as amazing dialogues between participants and new cut scenes. And even if the atmosphere around is very nervous, since opponents are holding Boyfriend at gunpoint, you should not let him give up without a fight. Your weapon is your musical talent, and you should use it to the fullest. With your help, the main character can easily win this difficult confrontation. Do you know what to do? Yes, it is still a rhythm contest. You will need to sing and dance to the music, matching every single beat of new songs. Unfortunately, there is no other solution if you want to keep Boyfriend alive. You will have to constantly monitor the color of your progress bar – it needs to remain green in order for you to win. It will only happen if you manage to avoid rhythm mistakes. Join the game to test your musical ear. Alongside lots of stressful moments, you will surely enjoy this music contest. Start it now, focusing only on the victory, and good luck!

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