Friday Night Funkin Newgrounds

Are you fond of music? How about rhythm games? Then feel free to enjoy amazing Friday Night Funkin, a cool arcade where you are going to deal with love challenges and head-spinning rhythms! This is a Newgrounds version, so be welcome to try it now. The game is pretty much the same as the original and we bet that all fans will like it for sure. Want to learn more? Then read on and prepare to make your Friday Night the grooviest one ever.

The game tells a story of a pair in love. They are Boyfriend and Girlfriend – two adorable teenagers fond of music, parties, and cool clothes. You will play for the Boyfriend, the main character of the game. He has blue hair, cool outfit, and a real passion for hip hop. He is a rapper himself, while his lady is absolutely delighted with the songs he sings. What is more, she knows how to support him and make him even better. With her help, advice, and guidance, the Boyfriend learns new combos and avoids mistakes. If you play this game for the first time or are not sure that your current skills are good enough, you should visit the Training Room – everything we have described above happens right there. Then make your way to the playing field and enjoy hot rap battles with your rivals – other rappers, demons, and the toughest one – Girlfriend’s Dad. Good luck and beat them all with your lines!
Start the game now – it is free and available for your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Launch it right now and you will immerse into the world of music. The challenges you to rap against numerous rivals and each level has its own song – the characters are different and their themes are diverse. The words of the songs as well as the melodies coincide with the opponent’s personal traits! This makes your playing process unforgettable – you will meet numerous rivals, learn to rap in their style, and hear a great amount of cool melodies. Be a star!

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