Friday Night Funkin 2021

The time has come to groove and funk! This is Friday Night Funkin, maybe the brightest music game of all times. Welcome to the rap arena, where you will meet new rivals and sing fresh songs. The game of 2021 includes updates and we bet that you will like them. As always, it is free and available online, so hurry up and jump in! This is one of the best DDR-like entertainments you have ever seen. The best thing – the game is free and available online right here. We are pretty sure that you won’t it anywhere else, because we have pretty exclusive content for you!
In the updated version of the game, you will have a chance to enjoy new songs created especially for Friday Night Funkin. These are groovy and memorable melodies are no worse than the hits from the original part. Not only this brand chapter of the music story includes new songs, but also, as you have already guessed – new levels. New tracks mean new locations and stories to discover! The main character still has one main aim – he conquers the Girlfriend’s heart in any way and nothing can stop him! Do your best to help him stay on top and prove that there is no rapper better than he is! Happy battling and enjoy the fresh melodies that will definitely come to your liking!

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